James Miller


Monday, September 27, 2004


Three Cheers for BT

Everybody knocks BT!

On Friday our fax line got so noisy it didn't work hardly at all, so I used BT's web site to report a fault at about three in the afternoon. As it was not urgent a call back on Monday would have sufficed.

I was very surprised when I got a call about fifteen minutes later asking if I'd like the fault fixed on Saturday a.m. or p.m!

The van duly turned up at about 11:45 for a p.m. appointment and after ascertaining that it was a problem with the overhead lines in the lane, we had a decent line by about 1:30.

Not bad service at all!

Especially, when you bear in mind that we now have an excellent broadband service in a very rural area, some miles from the exchange.

So don't give up on that either!


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