James Miller


Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Anti-Gay Violence

There has been an anti-gay murder in London and the feeling is that some of these so-called rappers are fueling the violence.

What really worries me though are these song lyrics!

Not only do I find them totally offensive, but I would also find them so if they were advocating killing all 57 year old white males. Or anybody else for that matter! There is absolutely no difference. To urge people to kill someone because they are different to you is wrong. And it always has been.

They’ve just announced on BBC East that a gig of one of these rappers has been cancelled at Milton Keynes. No reason was given, but apparently the singer cancelled it himself. It would be wonderful if the reason was that no-one wanted to go!

That would be the best way to ban them, but as with many offensive things in this world, such as George Bush, guns, 4x4’s and shell-suits, there is often a large unexplainable market.


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