James Miller


Thursday, May 01, 2008



When Ipswich went to Moscow in 2001, we took 1500 supporters, many of whom like me went out and back in a day, so the hotel room problem may not be serious. But although they coped well at the airport with our small numbers, I doubt they’d be able to cope with over thirty times that many.

Incidentally, when we went the tour company organised all of the visas and gave us our passports back at Stansted when we left.

But my main worry is the Russian police. They were a badly-humoured bunch and I suspect they will not take good natured banter from fans very well. Let’s face it, Ipswich fans don’t have too much bad history, except possibly where Norwich are concerned.

At least Liverpool didn’t get through. And I say the latter as someone who went to Liverpool University and has a lot of affection for that team. The mix with Manchester United would have been too explosive.


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