James Miller


Monday, January 24, 2005


Michael Howard's Asylum Policy

For a start he's being a hypocrite, as he's the son of immigrants. The same would apply to me, as one family line is Jewish and the other is Hugenote.

But also, he's wrong, not only on the moral issue, but also on the facts.

For a start the largest number of immigrants into this country are people like French, Spanish etc., who have been in the EU for some time. Also, as predicted by Robert Winder in his excellent book, Bloody Foreigners, economic migrants from elsewhere will start to decline, as a lot of the reasons to come to the UK are not so attractive. (According to the UNHCR numbers are down 20% for Europe over two years!)

So go away Mr. Howard and think again!

It's sad that the once great Tory party that I used to support, has joined the strident ranks of the tabloid commentators.


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