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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Not the Last Guantanamo Detainees

So the Americans think that last four detainees to be released, should be kept under very strict surveillance. Why?

After all 9-11 was caused in part by the total lack of security at US Airports. Or so the major report said in the US.

These guys will probably end up in somewhere like Broadmoor as people just can't take indefinite detention. So what should we do?

1. The first thing is we must allow e-mail and telephone information to be used in Court cases. The police are in favour, but the security services are not. But then the security services didn't get any sniff of 9-11, so perhaps their judgement is flawed.

2. I would also be in favour of publicising much more security information. Again the security people wouldn't want this, but I would better be forwarned.

3. The other thing is to get terrorism into perspective, by publishing the full death statitics for the UK. When you compare deaths from the tsuanami and those in the Sudan to terrorism, you realise how important terrorism is in the scheme of things. You are much more likely to die in a DIY accident.

4. We must also do something to combat all fundementalists, be they Muslim, Catholic, Protestant or Atheist.

But I doubt this government would want to let us off the hook of fear that keeps them in power.

Remember too, that there are still several foreign nationals with British residency in Guantanamo. We must not forget them.


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