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Monday, April 04, 2005


Truck Drivers Hours

My wife, Celia, had an accident a couple of years ago with a foreign truck driver who according to the Police was clearly at fault. No action was taken and she was unable to get any payment for the serious damage, so lost some of her no claim bonus.

There was another incident recently where a foreign driver killed someone whilst working illegal hours by fiddling his tachograph. From his picture in the paper, she thought it was the same driver.

Round here at the junction of the A14 and the M11 there have been several very serious accidents involving trucks. The police have not released whether the trucks are foreign registered or not. But I suspect that some are, as some of the worst driving I’ve seen on the A14 has been of trucks registered outside of the UK. Being left hand drive doesn’t help either.

If we are going to have these regulations, as I think we should, then the hours must be properly enforced. Perhaps this means that all trucks must have a satellite system that logs the hours and automatically issues stop orders and tickets.


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