James Miller


Monday, June 19, 2006


Affordable Holidays

The trouble is that people think you have to go to theme parks, zoos of other expensive attractions to have a good time. We never took our three children and I don't think they suffered, as they don't take their own.

We are in the racing business as we breed racehorses and often have one or two in training.

Taking children to a race meeting is usually as much fun for the children as it is for the parents. We've not talking Royal Ascot here, but somewhere like Warwick, Yarmouth, Hamilton or Brighton. The great thing is that all children go racing for FREE! There is usually a lot of child-friendly entertainment and often a crèche.

But if you want a real free show like nothing on earth, get up early and see all of the action on Newmarket Heath between six and eight in the morning. That is FREE too!


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