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Monday, December 04, 2006

Food Allergies


Don't knock it, as it's not funny if you get hit.

I'm a coeliac, which means I'm allergic to wheat, barley and rye, like one in a hundred of people in the UK. (Note that not all are diagnosed, but many of the undiagnosed are on drugs for depression and arthritis!) Eating out at functions and some restaurants can be nightmare, as chefs chop and change ingredients, so one week the meal is fine and the next week, it causes me to spend a night on the toilet.

I moderate a list for coeliacs on the Internet and you'd be surprised how many are dreading Christmas, as they will get offered all this food like mince pies, Christmas pudding, stuffing, Christmas cake, that will make them ill. If it wasn't for one famous High Street chain, we'd all have a really rotten Christmas.


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