James Miller


Monday, August 13, 2007

Heathrow Protests


They may have a point, but they are protesting in the wrong place.

The world must have a scientifically correct solution to the problem of global warming that everyone can accept. At present we add sticking plasters here and there and target the obvious.

We should increase all energy taxes significantly on a worldwide basis and reduce personal and business taxes to compensate.

Sticking to aviation, we should tax fuel and the Air Passenger Duty should be paid on a full aircraft to increase efficiency. Remember that modern 737s are much more efficient than their elder brethren, so taxing fuel would encourage airlines to renew fleets. Hopefully, bad inefficient airlines with old aircraft would go bust.

Short flights, such as London Newcastle should also be heavily taxed to encourage rail travel.

But we do need extra runway capacity, so that safety is increased and also to reduce the increasing number of people, who are avoiding London because of its problems. This will adversely affect ordinary non-aviation jobs in the UK.

A balance is needed. And one that is best for all of us.


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