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Friday, December 21, 2007

David Quick


One of the first breaks I had in programming was to write the LCAS system for Bob Wesson of Lloyds Bank as it then was. This was in about 1971 and was a job that came courtesy of Time Sharing Ltd. I always like to think it was a successful system, as it was still being used many years later and I have the letter from Bob to prove it.

At the time, I banked with Barclays. I was also rather broke, as in trying to write Speed, PERT7 and other things, I was a bit short of cash-flow. We couldn't have been that broke, as Celia, Edward, Henry, George and myself had managed to move from a fourth floor walk-up flat with no lift, to one on the eleventh floor of a tower in the Barbican.

Those that I worked with, such as Mike Spicer, suggested that it was time that I moved to a decent bank and that I made an appointment with the manager of the local branch in Finsbury Square.

The manager was David Quick and that meeting led to a lot more than a loan for our first Porsche.

Sadly, David died at the age of 74, a few days before Celia.

He will be sorely missed by everyone and especially his family.

They don't make bank managers like that anymore! That is, if they ever did, as I've never met another like him.


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