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Friday, November 12, 2004


The Advantage of Being a Coeliac

My wife and I have had a bad week!

On Wednesday she had to go into hospital for an operation, so I managed to get a fish bone stuck in my throat on Monday night.

After three hours at Addenbrookes casualty, they couldn’t get it out, so they asked me to come back in the morning for a full anaesthetic and a fishing expedition. But as things go, they had lots of emergencies, so at three I was still waiting for an operating theatre. So after telling the sister that as it was essential I was seen to because of my wife’s op, the sister found a doctor who was prepared to go fishing with just a local. I’d already said that as a coeliac, I was used to having uncomfortable things bunged down my throat.

After six goes, failure was imminent! So I asked them to get a nurse to hold my hand to calm me down. (Usually they do this with endoscopies at Addenbrookes!) Two more goes and the doctor succeeded. He didn’t think he’d have got it out of someone who hadn’t been scoped.

My wife had her operation and I’ve just got her from the hospital today. She is hopefully better!

I don’t want to repeat this week!


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