James Miller


Thursday, December 30, 2004


A Disaster Tax

Probably not!

The trouble with disasters is that we don't know where the next disaster will happen. It could be an earthquake, a volcano, a hurricane or a massive chemical explosion.

What is needed is more planning and stockpiles of bottled water, sanitation equipment, plastic sheeting and other things at convenient airports and seaports around the world. Then we need to have people in every country, who are briefed and ready for a disaster. Countries such as the UK could easily have a thousand people who could go at a moments notice. Airlines would have to be prepared to give aircraft for transport.

But who would organise it all?

I wouldn't trust the UN as it would get bloated.

But I would trust the British Army to organise our bit. Just as I suspect the French, the Germans and the Swiss would trust their armies too! Remember too, that all armies talk English!

But whatever we do, we mustn't have another disaster with a botched response.


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