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Monday, September 10, 2007

Small Developments


The CPRE today published a report saying we were losing all our countryside.

I own and live on a 100 hectare stud farm near Newmarket.

One of the solutions to housing, is to infill with small developments. On my land I own two appalling, single brick, 1950s built three bedroom houses, that need an awful lot of energy to run them. They should be demolished on energy grounds alone. They are on a large plot, which could easily accommodate perhaps six to eight dwellings, which properly designed would improve the environment. I would never get planning permission.

Note that the area of England is about 50,000 square miles. This means that to create the 3,000,000 new properties we need, would only need 60 dwellings per square mile.

Many of these could be built as small infill developments where they are needed with hardly any intrusion at all.

But those like the CPRE and the Nimbys don’t want this type of development, as obviously if we had enough houses in the UK, then prices would fall to their historic level against earnings. That would be an absolute tragedy.


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