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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ten from Suffolk


The FT started this by ten greatest from. Here's my lot for Suffolk.

Strangely there is no term for a man or woman from Suffolk. Perhaps, it’s
because they are the South Folk.

Here’s ten from Suffolk :-

Benjamin Britten
John Constable
Bernie Ecclestone
Edward Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Frink
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Thomas Gainsborough
Peter Hall
Bob Hoskins
John Mills
Trevor Nunn
Charlotte Rampling
Thomas Wolsey

I know there’s thirteen but who can you leave out? If you must it’ll be
Hoskins, Fitzgerald and Britten.

They are a very slewed bunch though containing the arch-schemers Ecclestone
and Wolsey and a host of the artistic great and good. Three women too and
two of those were probably the best things to ever come out of Haverhill.


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