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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Metier - Stonebridge Park


Today, I had to visit a new client, Brownell, in the Park Royal Industrial Estate. There is no nearby station, so you have to go to one on the periphary and walk. I chose Stonebridge Park, as Metier used to have offices there in the early 1980s.

You walk along a new footpath, as the North Circular Road has been diverted at this point to the south onto a new dual carriageway. It's surprisingly quiet now, but then it was a slow noisy, dirty, congested artery around London. Surgery was needed and it got it.

The old North Circular Road at Stonebridge Park

This picture shows the offices. They are a real architectural gem, which I believe we took over from The Church Army, who I found out today from my client, took them over from Rizla.

Metier - Stonebridge Park

It appears that they are now used by various itinerant companies improving the railway infrastructure. Judging by the pictures they don't seem to have done much to the building.

This view doesn't show it in a better light either.

Metier - Stonebridge Park

There is a rather attractive bridge that leads over the North Circular into Park Royal and the previous picture was taken looking back from the bridge. In the next picture, you can see the bridge, the building and the famous Ace Cafe.

Metier - Stonebridge Park


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