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Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost in Naples


Not this time as the city seems to really have maps everywhere and there is also a Metro, which I'm not sure was here, when Celia and I visited about twenty years ago.

We came in a different style, as I was still flying myself about in DD, which was a Cessna 340A. I seem to remember we did Southend to Naples in one hop and it took about six hours of flying and that was at altitude; legal in France and illegal in Italy. But then Italy can be rather relaxed about some rules.

We eventually stayed in the Hotel Excelsior on the front, which was highly noisy in those days, as cars raced up and down all night.

I say eventually, as that was when we really got lost, trying to find the centre of Naples in a hire car. We ended up miles away, very tired and on the point of divorce. Well possibly not, but then she would be the first to admit that she could be a bit volatile. So could I!

We moved on to the Amalfi coast and I have no idea where we stayed, but I do remember we came home early, as Secret Freedom was going to run in possibly the Cherry Hinton at Newmarket.

But then we had the most monumental job getting fuel for the plane at Naples Airport and as they wouldn't let us go high, we ended up having to refuel at Cannes.

In some ways I don't regret not having a plane, as it may have brought some wonderful moments, but I did get a lot of rubbish from ground staff and air traffic controllers. It must be a lot worse now.


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