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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective


The Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective is being held in the Victoria Building at Liverpool University.

Victoria Building
The exhibition is certainly worth a visit.

The fifth Beatle certainly had a lot of talent, produced a large variety of work and would have been a lot more significant if he hadn't died tragically at only 22.

You can read a review here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Victoria Building! Many a happy hour I spent in the Tate Hall taking exams while trying to ignore the clock chiming the quarter hours away ....

And walking through the archway, turn left, then right, into a small road whose name escapes me. Zoology, genetics, and botany on the left, geology further down on the right. School of Tropical Medicine right at the bottom. Happy days.

10:14 am  

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