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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gardens and Girls in Belarus


I may have given the impression that because of the past history of the country, Belarus is a grim and very sad country. It is not!

Girls and Leaves in Yanka Kupala Park, Minsk
As I walked out of the city on the morning of the match, I walked through Yanka Kupala Park, which lies close to Victory Square and the River Svislach. This group of girls, probably in their late teens or early twenties, were playing with the leaves, throwing them in the air and taking photographs of each other.

They are typical of many of the girls and young women you see in the city; well-dressed, well-groomed and nearly always in stilleto-heeled boots. That is not to say that the men aren't well-dressed either! I think it is true to say that I hardly saw a pair of unpolished shoes!

Just as the people tended to be immaculate, so were the gardens.

Gardens in Minsk
The picture shows the gardens by the River and in front of the Belarus Hotel. Remember, that at this time of year, it's starting to get cold and it is not a good time for gardening. All of the fountains had already been emptied for the severe winter.

But one thing that has to be said about the young women of Minsk. There are so many.

But then for every hundred women in Belarus, there are only eighty-eight men. So perhaps, they have to be smart...


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