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Friday, November 28, 2008

Touched by Terrorism


As the dreadful events in Mumbai unfold, I can't forget that I was in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, just two weeks ago.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai
The picture shows how the hotel stands in a prime position on the waterfront, by the India Gate. The hotel is actually in two parts, with a new tower to the right of the original building.

India Gate, Mumbai
This picture of the India Gate was taken from the Souk restaurant at the top of the tower of the Taj.

To say it is a good hotel is an understatement and I can't help worrying about some of the staff I met, in what was to me one of the best hotels, I have ever stayed in. Everybody was cheerful, helpful and couldn't do more for you. I'm a coeliac and on the last night, the chef made sure that I had a meal that I would always remember. He even made sure that I had some gluten-free bread.

I do hope that everybody is OK. But I fear that is not the case!

There was carnage around the pool, where I sat, drank fresh lime sodas and glasses of Indian wine. The manager of that area was a young man of about twenty-five, who I felt would go far. I hope he still can and still wants to as he will be scarred.


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