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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You're Fat Because You're Lazy and Stupid


I travel to Cambridge regularly and it is one of the least-fat towns in England, as it has a very high level of cycling and walking. There are also a high proportion of intelligent people, who know the problems of being overweight. But go to the other way to say Haverhill and the proportion of obese people is very much higher.

I’m sixty and as trim as I was when I left school.

Yesterday, I played an hour of real tennis at eight in the morning and then took the train to London and on to Stonebridge Park. I then walked a mile to my client who did give me a lift to the tube for an exhibition at Earls Court, where I ate an excellent salad for lunch.

I arrived home about six and my wife and I ate another healthy meal after her pilates. She’s trim too!

How many people would have used their car to do the business trip I did and cut out all the healthy food?

But can they still climb a two thousand foot mountain, as I did on holiday last July? No!


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