James Miller


Thursday, November 01, 2007



All of those people phoning up the radio and saying we’ve got too many immigrants are hypocrites at best and racists at worst.

Read Robert Winder’s excellent book, Bloody Foreigners, which is a scientifically correct history of immigration into the UK, and you will realise that for centuries it is the immigrants, that have put the Great into Great Britain.

My father’s family were Jews from Germany or Eastern Europe, who came to work in the fur trade at the beginning of the 19th century and my mother’s were Huguenots from France driven out by religious persecution a few decades earlier. Nearly all the British have strong immigrant strains in their background.

What many are doing now is a repeat of what has been done to immigrants for centuries. They are a simple target for all of the laziness and inefficiency that percolates through the Civil Service, Local Government and the NHS.


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