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Monday, September 15, 2008

Belgian Grand Prix


I'd always wanted to go a to Grand Prix and Spa seemed to be a good place to go. On Sunday, the 7th of September, Celia and I would have celebrated our ruby wedding and it perhaps would help me pass a very sad day.

Did it?

I took the ferry from Dover to Calais on the Saturday afternoon and except for a delay of about an hour due to rough weather in the Channel, the crossing was uneventful. As too was the journey through Belgium, which was interrupted by an overnight stay in a motel just before Brussels.

So at seven I arrived at Spa and tried to find the car park, so that I could pick up the tickets.

What a shambles?

But then I'd booked with a ticket agent rather than the circuit itself! The car park they gave me wasn't allowed and I nearly ended up with a parking ticket. Eventually, I parked and got charged for it, despite the fact that the price was suppoed to be included.

Such is life!

But in the end, I got the ticket and was able to get in to watch the racing.

Quite frankly, although I enjoyed it, I don't think that I'll be going again unless someone else pays for the ticket.

Although the ending of the Grand Prix was extremely exciting. But it would have been better on the television or the radio.

At least though there weren't any advert breaks.

Celia was right about motor racing.


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