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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Russian Supporting England


Sitting next to me in the stadium was a Russian. And he was a fully paid-up England fan too, complete with a large Saint George's cross.

We chatted, exchanged cards and he took the photo of me below.

James Miller in Belarus
I mentioned this story and apparently there are a couple of Dutch who also support England.


But then I also remember when Ipswich played in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow in 2001. The Town fans were augmented by large numbers of ex-pats living and working in Moscow. There were Dutch, Germans, French and Italians to name but four.

I've just looked up Saint George.

He is the patron saint of many places including Greece, Catalonia, Genoa, Lithuania, Palestine and Istanbul for a start. Moscow is also on the Saint George list.

Saint George is also the patron saint of lepers, horses, herpes, riders, armourers and syphilis.



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