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Monday, June 09, 2008

Leaving the Car at Home


I can’t really leave the car at home as I live in the country and am 15 miles or so from the main station in Cambridge.

However, there is a little local station at Dullingham, five miles away, and as the local service to Cambridge is very reliable if a bit cramped, when I go to London, I now park there. I buy a ticket on the train and get paper and coffee in Cambridge when I change trains. All very civilised.

What really persuaded me to change my behaviour was not the Congestion Charge in London, but the fact that I turned sixty and now get a discount on all rail fares and the parking is free at Dullingham.

So perhaps what we need to do, is reduce train fares and provide free parking! It would also need more and longer trains and trams and they should be paid for by increased fuel and congestion charges.

One point to note is that the increase in VAT take, because of the fuel price rises has been upwards of two to three billion pounds. So perhaps we should spend that on public transport for a start? But what is the government doing? It is reducing the money it is giving Network Rail.

Sounds typical mixed-up thinking from a bankrupt government.


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