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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Trafford from Salford Keys


As an Ipswich supporter, I don't really want to put this in, but the picture shows one of the main reasons why Manchester United are successful.

Old Trafford from Salford Keys
Their ground is large and they have been able to expand the stadium without moving. It is much less expensive and a more orderly in terms of cash-flow to expand stand-by-stand.

Look at the number of clubs, who've built new grounds and suffered.

A Result from LateRooms.com


The Lowry Hotel is one of the best in Manchester. Celia stayed there and in a couple of others of the so-called best and she felt it was streets ahead.

I stayed in the hotel on Thursday night and got a room for £125 from LateRooms.com.

That must rate as the best value I've ever had and a real result for the Internet and LateRooms.com.

Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective


The Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective is being held in the Victoria Building at Liverpool University.

Victoria Building
The exhibition is certainly worth a visit.

The fifth Beatle certainly had a lot of talent, produced a large variety of work and would have been a lot more significant if he hadn't died tragically at only 22.

You can read a review here.

Liverpool University Goes Metric


Look at this direction sign at Liverpool University. It's all in metric.


Metric Signs at Liverpool University

Super Lamb Banana


Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture in 2008. It has lots of Super Lamb Bananas.

Super Lamb Banana
Super Lamb Banana

Liverpool - St. Luke's Church


St. Luke's Church in Liverpool sits at an important cross-roads in the city and it is a church that has a deep significance, as it was destroyed by an incendary bomb in the Second World War.

St. Luke's Church - Liverpool
St. Luke's Church - Liverpool
St. Luke's Church - Liverpool



Celia and I met in Liverpool and as I'd been invited to the opeing of the Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective at Liverpool University's new Victoria Museum and Gallery, I decided to spend a day in the city.

Liverpool has changed in recent years and especially since we met there forty years ago, but perhaps the biggest change in the centre is the new shopping centre called Liverpool One.

Liverpool One - John Lewis
But some of the old favourites like Phred are still there on the rather tatty Lewis's.

Phred - Lewis's Liverpool
The University always called him Phred, but apparently he does have a real name of Liverpool Resurgent. The statue was by Jacob Epstein.

In Panto Week, engineers used to march down Brownlow Hill and pay homage to the statue. I wonder if they still do?

The Three Graces at the Pier Head are still there too.

The Three Graces
I walked there because I wanted to go to the Klimt Exhibition at the Tate in the Albert Dock.

Tate Liverpool - Albert Dock
I enjoyed the exhibition, but I can't say that for most of the other junk in the gallery. On the other hand I did like the Andy Warhol.

On the other hand I had a very good gluten-free lunch at the restaurant in the gallery.

I walked back to where I'd parked my car on Mount Pleasant by way of St. Georges Hall and Lime Street Station.

St. Georges Hall - Back
I think that from where this picture is taken Celia had a rather strange incident before we were married. She used to wear a green cloak, which was the uniform coat of the Friend's School Saffron Walden. She bought the cloak, whilst working in the School Uniform Department at Selfridges.

She literally took off in the swirling winds.

St. Georges Hall - Front
It's probably lost in antiquity, but one of the years whilst we were at University, was when they roasted an ox on the steps of St. George's Hall. It was also used to see how many students you could get into a Morris Minor during Panto Week.

Opposite St. Georges Hall is Lime Street Chambers.

Lime Street Chambers - Liverpool

Friday, August 08, 2008

Chinese and Eights


The Olympics will open at 8:08 on the 8th of the 8th, 2008.

Perhaps they will be lucky as eight is the Chinese lucky number!

Twenty years ago, my late wife, Celia, had a horse called Golden Panda, who she had named after a Chinese friend’s restaurant in Ipswich. On the 8th of the 8th, 1988, Golden Panda ran in a handicap at Nottingham. Given a superb ride by Steve Cauthen, she won easily at odds of twelve to one.

Golden Panda Wins at Nottingham

Some Chinese restaurateurs couldn’t hold back and there were rumours of bookmakers losing large sums of money. Whether these were true or not, I do not know, but we did get lots of free meals!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fast Payments


I've just had a cheque for one of Celia's cases from the Legal Services Commission. She did the work in January 1999 and was partly paid in February 2000.

But the final payment was nine and a half years after she did the original work.

Where's the interest?